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Surprising and exciting, art is all around you at The Temple House.


Discover our collection of intriguing art and sculpture.

Current Exhibition : “Xiong Wenyun: The Moving Rainbow”

Art is one of the shared passions of The House Collective. At The Temple House our collection of contemporary art changes on a quarterly basis. Inspiring pieces are found throughout the public spaces indoors and outdoors. On the ground floor of Bitieshi the gallery is managed by respected Chengdu art gallery Thousand Plateaus.

Alison Pickett

The curator "theme" for the artwork is "Embrace the Classical, Celebrate the Contemporary", inspired by and in keeping with the heritage architecture and Temple surroundings. 

We have 8 artists, all Chinese, but from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, and two local artists from Chengdu.

Most of the pieces are being specially commissioned, and we have a diverse collection of materials such as stone, bronze and steel.


Around The Hotel

Specially commissioned artworks are waiting to be discovered around the hotel. Spanning a wide range of mediums, the collection includes digital art, installations, sculptures and painting, giving guests a chance to embark on a unique artistic journey.

From entering the lobby, to waiting for the elevators, to taking a quiet stroll around the terrace, guests will come across sculptures and paintings that can hopefully inspire and delight their day.