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Press Releases

The Temple House Presents Kumi Usui’s “Ai Yo” Exhibition

(Chengdu, 22 Dec 2016) – The Temple House’s A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is proud to launch the solo exhibition of artist Kumi Usui’s "Ai Yo” from 11th December, 2016 to 28th of February, 2017.
Usui’s most recent paintings and installation works are based on the theme of Love and Lines. “Lines” are essential elements in Usui’s artworks: they constantly change and expand, which resonate with Usui’s vast imaginations. She often found herself pondering on creations, life, destructions, corrosion, the environment, the Nature, the Universe, the surroundings, and the patterns in life...etc. All these imaginations were transformed into forms of lines, flowing and projected on her chosen media.
“I started to create on long scroll paintings in the recent year. When the environment allows, I couldn’t help but yearn to create artworks that fill up the entire exhibition space. Though my artworks might seem different from each other, yet they are all conveying the similar focuses on human beings, life, and the earth – these type of unfathomable subjects in life. ‘The process of thinking’ has occupied most of my lifetime – I think, therefore I am. I want to dedicate all my life to ‘the arts,’ and to practice ‘the arts.’ I want to invest my all – my experiences, life, consciousness, knowledge, attitudes, compassion, and humanity – into actual practices of ‘the arts,’” said Usui.

The inspiration of Kumi Usui’s artworks naturally flowed from her heart: a convergence of her inner-self and her understandings of the World. Her works reflect the belief of a Song-Dynasty philosopher, "your heart is the Universe.” Usui’s belief and artworks carry significance to Chinese contemporary art.

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Director of Communications, The Temple House

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