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Paolo Collavini Takes Over TIVANO as Chef de Cuisine

(Chengdu, 6th October, 2016) -  TIVANO, the Italian restaurant at The Temple House, has announced Paolo Collavini as its new Chef de Cuisine. An Italian native, Paolo brings with him over 30 years of experience working with renowned five-star resorts, luxury hotel groups and restaurants around the world.

Paolo Collavini cultivated his passion for authentic Italian cuisine while growing up in Cernobbio, a small village close to Lake Como and developed an appreciation for fine dining through his other great passion, travelling. Both of these passions have been fuelled by his international culinary career – he has lived in 14 different countries over the past 24 years.

Paolo almost seems pre-destined for his new role at TIVANO – the morning breeze that blows over his hometown landmark, Lake Como, is also called tivano. As TIVANO’s new Chef de Cuisine, Paolo brings to The Temple House his indomitable passion for authentic Italian gastronomy.

Drawing from the traditional Southern, Central and Northern Italian dishes that influence his repertoire, Paolo has created a new menu for TIVANO featuring traditional-style pizzas made in-house, the freshest   herbs and ingredients, and home-made sauces. Among Paolo’s favorites on the new menu are the Risotto ai Frutti di Mare, Tagliata di Manzo and Gorgonzola e Pere Pizza.

Every bite of the Risotto ai Frutti di Mare transports you to Italy’s breezy, scenic coastal cities. Carnaroli rice imported from Italy is cooked in a mix of lobster stock and cod stock to make the risotto, while fresh seafood is pan-seared in olive oil. The risotto and seafood is then simmered in tomato sauce for an infusion of sweetness and acidity that brings out the rich, savoury flavours of seafood. The final result is a colourfully seductive dish that delights the eye as well as the taste buds.

Tagliata di Manzo is an Italian classic that is elevated to perfection by Chef Paolo with the sous vide method, which evenly cooks the imported Australian beef tenderloin before it is finished with a quick sear on the pan for flavour and texture. The meat is then sliced and garnished with sautéed spinach and parmesan cheese shavings. Just before serving, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction is added to perfectly enhance the different ingredients on the dish for a truly mouth-watering creation.

The highlight of the Gorgonzola e Pere Pizza is creamy gorgonzola cheese, one of the Piemonte region’s three famous blue cheeses. The rich aroma and indulgent texture of this cheese contrasts beautifully against the crisp sweetness of pears. Pairing gorgonzola cheese with pears on pizza is a fairly recent trend, but one taste is all it takes to reveal why this has become such a popular combination.

“TIVANO embodies my favourite restaurant style – simple and elegant,” said Paolo. “My goal is to preserve the traditions of Italian cuisine, uphold the simple sophistication of TIVANO, and at the same time continue to expand our offerings by bringing in more authentic flavours from Italy’s different regions.”

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