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Press Releases

The Temple House Presents “Xiong Wenyun: The Moving Rainbow” Exhibition

(Chengdu, 19 May 2016) – A Thousand Plateaus Art Space at The Temple House is proud to present “Xiong Wenyun: The Moving Rainbow” from 21st May till 30th June. The exhibition chronicles almost 20 years of contemporary artist Xiong Wenyun’s career, from 1993 to 2012, and covers two important series of art works: “Japanese Rock Color Painting of Figure” and “The Moving Rainbow.” Showcasing the artist’s versatility, the exhibition includes examples of her conceptual performances, photography and paintings.

The series of “Japanese Rock Color Painting of Figure” artworks, created in the mid 1990s, are considered seminal works. The series reflects the artist’s study of traditional Chinese paintings as well as her successful technique of rock color paintings in Japan.

“The Moving Rainbow” is a comprehensive, ongoing art project started in 1998. The project integrates multiple disciplines, from conceptual and performance art to video and photography. Designed to promote social awareness, the series expresses the memories of Tibetan youth through rainbow-bright colors. Capturing abstract items -- car tarpaulins, curtains, doorways -- the artist juxtaposes these vibrant splashes of color against Tibet’s mountain landscapes, expansive plateaus and ancient cities. The series evokes youthful memories and life experiences while commenting on the themes of nationality, habitation, environment and history.

“Xiong Wenyun: The Moving Rainbow” exhibition will be part of a cultural hub that comprises The Temple House, Daci Temple and Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li complex. Attracting an international, sophisticated crowd, the exhibition showcases the multinational nature of the district as well as the emphasis on history and culture.

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