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Press Releases

LOVE WITH NO BOUNDARIES —— 6th The Temple House Session in Collaboration with Animals Asia Foundation China Bear Rescue Center

(Chengdu,19th Sept, 2017) –The Temple House is proud to launch the 6th The Temple House Session, in collaboration with the Animals Asia Foundation China Bear Rescue Center. Dr. Jill Robinson and her professional team explained their daily work to us and elaborated the importance of their work. After a series of activities, including site inspection in China Bear Rescue Center as well as the moving talking session in the afternoon at Bitiege, more and more persons start to realise the meaning of their insistence and repaid by the society.

On 9am, 6th Sept, more than 20 media and The Temple House guests left for the China Bear Rescue Center. In the afternoon back to Bitiege, Dr. Jill Robinson shared her story about the Animals Asia’s Foundation with all the media and The Temple House guests, as well as the reason for bear protection. This event not only generates people’s funds and love for moon bears, but also raises the awareness of animal protection. With the strong media publicity, it is hopefully a huge influence in the society for bear protection.

The Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus Selenarctos) is most impacted by the demand for bile acid - ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). This species of bear is more commonly known as the Moon Bear due to the beautiful yellow crescent on its’ chest. They are listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in Appendix I, the most critical category of endangerment. These bears are both trapped in the wild & bred in captivity for exploitation on the farms. 

The China Bear Rescue Center came in to being following the signing of an unprecedented agreement with the Chinese authorities in July 2000 to free 500 farmed Moon Bears. The sanctuary was established north of Chengdu. The China Bear Rescue Center is an inspiring and exciting facility that gives the bears everything they were denied on the farms: health, freedom & happiness. These happy & healthy bears have tasty food, the pleasure of roaming in lush natural foliage or swimming in cool water and the freedom of choosing whether to wander off alone, or to be "on view" to admirers. 

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Director of Communications

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