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MIXUN TEAHOUSE and Zhuyeqing Afternoon Tea

(Chengdu, 20th March 2017) Following the success of last year’s highly-acclaimed springtime afternoon tea set at MI XUN Teahouse, the Temple House is collaborating once again with premium Chinese tea brand Zhuyeqing to create a new Chinese-style afternoon tea experience for 2017. Under the theme “Embrace Spring”, the new afternoon tea set will be available at MI XUN Teahouse from March 20 onwards.

It has been said by tea-loving Sichuanese that “spring starts with a cup of Zhuyeqing Tea”. For these devotees, the beginning of spring is not just marked by the blossoming of flowers or the sprouting of young leaves, but by the delightful fragrance of Zhuyeqing Tea. As this beautiful season restores our natural surroundings to stunning greens and colourful blooms, enjoying this cheerful scene with a freshly brewed cup of tea is undeniably one of life’s most perfect simple pleasures.

The afternoon tea set from MI XUN Teahouse and Zhuyeqing Tea invites guests to enjoy the warmth and charm of a spring afternoon to its fullest. Situated in a restored century-old heritage building, the MI XUN teahouse is immersed within an ambience of elegance and tranquility, providing a peaceful haven from the stresses and worries of the day. Known for its subtle, long-lasting fragrance and the appearance of its fresh, whole tea leaves dancing slowly in the water, Zhuyeqing tea allows one to slow down and take their time, making it the ideal drink to help one to re-center and find their inner calm. This collaboration between MI XUN Teahouse and Zhuyeqing Tea is designed to offer a relaxed and leisurely spring afternoon experience.

Priced at RMB208 (with Zhuyeqing or Bitanpiaoxue premium grade tea) and RMB228 (with Zhuyeqing or Bitanpiaoxue luxury grade tea) for two persons, the springtime afternoon tea set is available daily between 14:30 and 17:30. Each set is served with a selection of fine Chinese-style sweets, specially created in-house by the MI XUN resident chef and presented on a stylish three-tier serving stand. The first tier bears adorable Panda Crisp Cakes, the second tier is laden with Matcha Cookies stamped with bamboo motifs and nutritious Goji Berry Coconut Pudding, while the third tier offers two fragrant tea-infused treats: Tea Scented Yam Balls and Zhuyeqing Tea Aloe Vera Cakes. Inspired by Sichuan elements and traditional tea culture, the sweets are pleasantly fresh and light on the palate, making them the perfect accompaniment for Zhuyeqing tea. Guests who order the springtime afternoon tea will also receive a panda-themed gift set comprising a postcard and canvas bag (limited to the first five guests every day).

Rediscover the beauty of spring with our indulgent afternoon tea experience at MI XUN Teahouse.

For more media queries, please contact:

Ms. Grace Chuang

Director of Communications, The Temple House

Tel: +86 28 6297 4048



MIXUN TEAHOUSE and Zhuyeqing Collaboration Afternoon Tea

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