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Press Releases

Discover the Wellness Experience at the Elegant MI XUN --New MI XUN, for the New You

(Chengdu, 12 Mar 2018)  After one-month renovation, a complete new MI XUN is back, with the new look, new taste, and new treatment, all for the new you!

In our new MI XUN, you will experience the open kitchen and the new private dining room. We prepared a series of new dishes, inspired by Sichuan recipe, such as Chinese Yam with Hawthorn Sauce, Braised Romanesco Broccoli with Black Trumpet Mushroom Sauce, Hawthorn Jelly with Organic Shangri-La Honey, and Handmade Spinach Noodles with Dandan Sauce. For the first time, MI XUN provides the vegetarian hotpots to combine the spicy taste and healthy cuisine, including two style: MI XUN Spicy Hot Pot and Truffle and Pu’er Tea Hot Pot.  Meanwhile, the guests will enjoy four kinds of MI XUN Tea which are inspired by the nature of four seasons.

After being rewarded as The Best Men’s Treatment of the Year by SpaChina in 2017, MI XUN Spa has updated it barber to provide the professional service for both men and women. Deeply relaxing the mind and soul in the new MI XUN Spa, and getting yourself a chic hair style in the hair salon and barber would be a fashionable choice to embrace the new year and new life. Also, a series of unique spa treatments are designed to deliver a holistic pampering experience to soothe and revitalise the mind and body while embracing the chic and cosy surroundings. Angelia Wu, Director of Spa Operation of MI XUN, comments: “MI XUN aims to create a thoughtful and holistic spa experience. All our treatments are curated to deliver results, while the tea house provides a tranquil setting for guests to relax and recharge while enjoying healthful refreshments. The spa treatments and tea house experience perfectly complement each other, and at MI XUN our guests enjoy the combined benefits of both to help them ease away the tensions of today’s busy city lifestyle.”

When new MI XUN blossoms at the historical yard, welcome to celebrate the reborn with us!

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