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Modern luxury residences in Chengdu for short-or long-term stays.


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Residence 90

Feel at home in your own one-bedroom residence featuring intriguing contemporary design elements.

Residence 90

Residence 100

An elegant deluxe one-bedroom residence with beautifully furnished living space and a spa-inspired bathroom.

Residence 100

Deluxe Residence

Intelligent modern luxury living for long-term stays in a comfortable two-bedroom serviced residence in Chengdu.

Deluxe Residence

Premier Residence

Calming and spacious and our deluxe two-bedroom residence is a welcoming retreat for longer stays.

Premier Residence
Living in Chengdu

Living in Chengdu

At the centre of economic growth in west China, Chengdu is a rapidly developing city that is easy to get to know. Recognised as being one of the most pleasant cities to live in China, its historic lanes and courtyards evoke the city’s past and provide a charming contrast to impressive modern infrastructure.

Chengdu is an ideal location for exploring Sichuan’s legendary landscapes, and UNESCO sites as well as enjoying the best food and visiting its most famous residents - the giant pandas. Well connected by air, road and rail with all of China and the world, Chengdu is the gateway to Tibet with direct flights to Lhasa.

Highlights of Chengdu

Situated in a vast plain surrounded by rivers in the heart of South West China, at the very centre of China, Chengdu is a natural hub for commerce and culture.

First settled in the Bronze Age, more than 3,600 years ago, Chengdu was a significant city, during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and became the capital of the independent kingdom of Shu Han (Sichuan) in 221 AD.

A Chinese cultural capital for more than 2,000 years, Chengdu is famous for silk brocade weaving, tea, teahouse culture, opera and Sichuan cuisine.

Chengdu Today
The top investment location in inland China, Chengdu is central to the economic development of Western China. More than 200MNCs are based in the city.

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Chengdu Restaurants

Chengdu Restaurants & Bars

The Temple House is a fabulous place to start any exploration of the best restaurants in Chengdu. From noodle shops and teahouses to international dining and superb Sichuan cuisine, many highly recommended venues are within a short walk or drive of our hotel.

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