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Our talented architects and designers have created a breathtaking hotel.


Alluring contemporary design that takes you on a mood-changing journey with hotel’s contemporary design.

The Temple House is an integral part of the Chengdu Daci Temple Cultural and Commercial Complex that surrounds historic Daci Temple. Designed with respect for the site’s history and local culture and artistry, a number of traditional courtyard buildings have been restored and incorporated the hotel’s design.


The Temple House was designed by UK-based MAKE Architects. Acclaimed for their innovative and modern buildings, MAKE Architects also collaborated with Swire Hotels on the restoration of The Montpellier Chapter in Cheltenham.

At The Temple House MAKE Architects created a fascinating hotel that successfully brings together contrasting elements. The design reflects the historic location in Chengdu near Daci Temple and incorporates local landscapes and themes throughout the exterior and interiors. At the heart of this project is Bitieshi, a restored Qing dynasty courtyard building as the entrance to the hotel.

Our main hotel buildings comprise two L-shaped halves separated to create a contemporary courtyard where undulating landscaping evokes Sichuan’s rice terraces. Featuring an innovative three-dimensional woven façade inspired by Chengdu’s brocade weaving tradition, the modern design echoes traditional local architectural elements - timber, bamboo, brick and step stones.

Inside, The Temple House is open and fluid, with spaces and passageways that flow from one area to another and from dark to light, or from bustle to calm.

Design Concept

For The Temple House, award-winning architects Make envisioned a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese design. Adopting a sleek, modern aesthetic while fully embracing the cultural heritage of the site and the surroundings, the hotel integrates the on-site historic buildings and courtyard into the layout.

To ensure the best guest experience possible, the design of the hotel interior appeals heavily to the senses of sight and sound through playing with light and texture. Local materials and architectural elements, such as timber, bamboo, and step stones, features throughout the hotel, while the abundance of natural light creates a warm and welcoming environment for travellers.

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