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The third hotel in The House Collective, The Temple House is inspired by Chengdu’s heritage and landscapes.

Our Heritage

The third hotel in The House Collective, The Temple House is inspired by Chengdu’s heritage and landscapes.

Each hotel in The House Collective is uniquely imagined and reflects its location. Named after the nearby Daci Temple, The Temple House also honours the historic buildings of Chengdu with Bitieshi, a remarkable restored Qing dynasty courtyard that inspired elements of our third hotel’s contemporary design.


An amazing introduction to The Temple House, Bitieshi reveals the first of many exquisite contrasts that await as you journey through traditional Chinese architecture and shady green courtyard into our house.

Built more than a hundred years ago during the Qing dynasty, Bitieshi follows the classic layout of a siheyuan or Chinese quadrangle used for a host of residences from modest family homes to imperial palaces. Bitieshi comprises a courtyard surrounded by four buildings, now sensitively restored by artisans. Its traditional brickwork, wood carvings, timber ceilings and floors, step stones, overhanging roofs and flying eaves have been preserved and enhanced.

Dappled light filters into Bitieshi through the lattice of the restored traditional window screens. Inside, free-standing bespoke furniture helps preserve the original structure. Hand-woven furniture and lighting honour local weaving traditions. A uniquely tranquil experience, Bitieshi is also home to some of Chengdu’s most interesting event spaces.

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